The Artist's Gallery
This is a collection of my miniature paintings that I have done over the years and have kept.  Some I painted for myself, like the portrait of my daughter and others I became attached to and just didn't want to sell.
Man O War as a 2 Year Old,  1998.  Image: 2" x 2.5".  Watercolor & Polymer on Brazilian Agate.
One of my favorite pieces, I painted this from an old print.  
Red Fox, 1995, Image: 30 x 40 mm.  Watercolor & Polymer on Black Onyx.
A piece I just really liked and decided to keep.
John Henry, 1998, image:  2.25" x 2".
Acrylic & Polymer on Brazilian Agate.  I painted this from a print I have of John Henry.
A piece that was originally for sale, but I have a very special liking for John Henry, as many people do, and decided this was one I just had to keep.  It was my privilege to visit this grand old horse on several trips to the Kentucky Horse Park where he lived out his retirement.  John Henry recently passed away.  You are missed old fellow.  Bet you're tearing up the fields of Heaven!
Jenny's Horses, 1987, image: 30 x 40 mm.
Watercolor & Polymer on Mohogany Agate.
The oldest piece in my collection, I painted this to give to my daughter on her 2nd birthday, so it really belongs to her.  I painted this from an old Stubbs print, but changed the horses to some we knew.
A Portrait of the Artist's Daughter, 1988, watercolor & polymer on Black Onyx, image:  30 x 40 mm.
This is a portrait of my daughter at 3 years old with her kitten, Figaro.  A painting I did for myself, it launched a VERY brief time when I did "people" portrait commissions, something I quickly learned I didn't enjoy doing. 
"Watcher", 1996, watercolor, acrylic & polymer on Black Onyx, image: 30 x 40 mm.
People who have purchased my miniature paintings have told me that they sometimes take on a "life" of their own, and this piece has done that for me.

"Trail of the Lion", 1988, Image: 2" x 3", watercolor & polymer on Brazilian Agate.  I painted this piece not long after starting to do miniature paintings. I did it  just to see what I could do and for special exhibition. 
I still get a laugh remembering that I entered this piece right after I painted it in a small miniature art show in my home town of Lexington NC and they rejected it because it was "functional"!
"White Wolf", 2000, Image:  1.5" x 1.5", acrylic & polymer on Black Onyx.